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Penstemon digitalis

In 1994 Denise Ciastko organized the first solely native plant nursery in Connecticut.  Her knowledge, vision and dedication to preserving New England’s natural heritage continues today with NativearthSeed LLC.

Denise’s notable landscapes include an upland beachgrass restoration, in which two acres of invasive plant and shrub species were removed then replanted with native beach grass, thus returning the parcel to it’s natural state as a native beach grass upland located at Lynde Point in Old Saybrook, CT. 

Throughout her years of living in Connecticut Denise carried on planting native wildflower meadows and native rain gardens across Connecticut.

She attended the Connecticut Flower and Garden Show frequently and received many landscape awards, Best Naturalistic Garden, Best Environmentally Sensitive Garden and many more throughout the years. She was honored to receive the

“Exhibit of Special Merit and Educational Value” from The Connecticut Horticultural Society in 2003.

Denise continues her work in Vermont, in redesigning and planting the Native Rain Garden Exhibit at the Leahy Science Center for Lake Champlain in Burlington.  Her desire to educate homeowners the importance of planting their own native wildflower rain garden has led her to create a native plant seed line.  

As a result, she brings to you The Colours of Rain her Native Wildflower Seed Line,

thus, the creation of the Native New England Wildflower & Rain Garden Seed Pouches for all gardeners to enjoy!

“Helping people plant their own native butterfly and rain garden one seed at time.”

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Denise Ciastko, NativearthSeed LLC, PO Box, 149 North Clarendon VT 05759 (nativeseedlady@nativearthseed.com).

Denise Ciastko, NativearthSeed LLC, PO Box 149, North Clarendon VT. 05759, nativeseedlady@nativearthseed.com